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Over the past 6.5 years I’ve bootstrapped two 7-figure businesses.

Bell Curve, my growth agency, has worked with Microsoft, Tumblr, Ancestry, Envoy, Framer, Techcrunch, Feedly, Perfect Keto, Sentry, and dozens more.

Demand Curve, has trained 1,000+ founders to grow their own startups. We also have the largest growth marketing community of 20,000. And I write a weekly newsletter for 82,000 founders and marketers.

I’m a mechanical engineer turned full-stack programmer and designer turned growth marketer and entrepreneur.

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I can advise/consult with:

  • Growing startups: I’ve worked with dozens of startups to help them identify the growth levers they need to pull.

  • Audience building: I’ve helped 1,000+ students build an audience online, some to 100k+ followers in less than a year—like Zain Khan, Eric Partaker, Nathan Baugh, Amanda Natividad, and Blake Burge.

  • Content/Media: I’ve grown to 50,000+ followers and 80,000 newsletter subscribers all organically.

  • Education: I've run an education company for 4 years and have taught marketing and audience building to 1000's.