About Neal

Iโ€™ve had a funny journey:

  • Mechanical engineer

  • Freelancer programmer and digital nomad for 3.5 years

  • Founder of three marketing companies.

In short, I help people start, build, and grow startups and audiences.

Each week, I share 3 unique startup growth insights with 100,000+ founders and marketers in Demand Curveโ€™s Growth Newsletter.

Demand Curve is a YC-backed startup. Weโ€™ve trained thousands of startups on growth, and half a million read our content each year.

Bell Curve is an ads agency built for startups. Weโ€™ve worked with companies like Microsoft, Ancestry.com, Invoice2Go, Pilot, Segment, Perfect Keto, and many more.

UNIGNORABLE has taught over 1,000 entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through growing their personal audience. Iโ€™m one of the founders and instructors.

This newsletter is where I explore my specific passions for content marketing, audience building, and startups.

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I've helped 1000s of startups grow with Demand Curve. I share deep-dive frameworks on growing startups and audiences with content.


Founder, Demand Curve (YC S19). I've bootstrapped two 7-figure businesses and grown our marketing newsletter to 102,000 people.