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Correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t really own your audience with a podcast. When the audience click on subscribe on Apple podcasts or Spotify, you can’t walk away with an email list. Maybe in Substack if they follow through the app and you attribute the follower to the podcast. Something else I’ve been pondering about is about the future of social media. Indeed people will follow people more than platforms. So as more people become their own distributors, and owner of their audience, it would make sense that platforms like Substack also jump on the decentralize train. We already see it with Threads, Mastodon, Nostr…. One online identity regardless of where the other party is coming from. Wdyt?

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it's true, it's not just like an email list, which is more owned in some ways (except there you deal more with the inbox/promotions/spam issues)

so if someone is subscribed in apple podcasts, and apple removes it, they're not subscribed anymore

they can technically subscribe on another platform or access the RSS feed themselves, but that's friciton a lot won't overcome

I can't wait for the single identity future!

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